Hi :The contract is perfect, you have covered everything that needs to be understood and agreed to by the new owner. It gives us the confidence we need at this time to know we have made the right decision and are working with the right person to help us. Following the meet and greet: The meeting went well.  We felt that Pat would be a good fit since she already had an IG and understood their personality and quirks. We decided to part with our Baci since the 2 dogs seemed to like each other and hope as time goes by they will be BFF. Again thank you for all of your help!!!!!   Most sincerely, Marlene


Hi, Chris is really great! I think he’s the perfect fit for Axl. Thank you so much for your help finding him. I love that they have a big yard that has a high fence and that there will be someone around so often. He also sounds so eager to have a puppy partner! It was really sad to let her go but we are so relieved to know she will be in such good hands!   Meghan


Holy moly,- this honestly could not have worked out better! Jake and I are just so incredibly grateful! I think the long visit went a long way towards making Speedy comfortable with us. I swear he is already bonded… We already love Speedy so very much, and we are so grateful to have him as a part of our family! He will be spoiled with attention here, no doubt about it! I cannot thank you enough. Mikhaila


Thank you so much for your hard work and we are very happy with Linda.  We are confident that she is going to give Picasso a great life!  Picasso and we really appreciate it.   Josh


We are so fortunate to have him, he is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. His demeanor is fantastic and once he has a little more confidence he will basically be a clone of Stella personality wise. It's the best match we could have ever hoped for. The minute I saw him I felt deep down he was meant to be mine, and now he is. I'm so in love with him already, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Faythe


Hi ! I never imagined I could love two dogs so much. My whole world revolves around my two goofballs. I just wanted to thank you for placing them with me. I don't know what I would do without them!   Thanks, Brooke


Hey, It has been a while and I wanted to send you an update on my angel Noodles. He is the most amazing dog. I really cannot thank you enough for allowing him to be a part of my family. He brings joy to my life everyday and Spartan too. He even likes to play with toys now! Again, thank you! I am truly blessed!!   Tara


I came across an email from you. We've had no problems with our wonderful Hercules. He eats like a champ and is so full of energy. We can't imagine life without him.   Thanks again! Cari


A few weeks later: Chase is now Nico and he is doing great! He eats three times a day (I struggled to get him to eat once a day), loves riding in the car, wags his tail, and loves teasing the dogs in the dog park. This was definitely a match made in heaven! Jon is walking more and is totally in love.  Thanks again for helping this dog find a great home.  Deborah


Busta had a day visit with Todd and Randy yesterday and they absolutely love him and Busta loves them as well. He has found a new home. We appreciate you so much. You are amazing and words can not express enough how happy I am that he is under such great care and love already. You are the very best.   Shirley


Hi- Thank you so much for all the hard work. It's paid off; Janie Joy is happy and enjoying life in her new home. She is exploring her new home, meeting new two and four legged friends, and most importantly logging plenty of hours dozing off in laps. She has brightened our life with her personality and affection. All of the information and materials you sent us were so helpful in making sure things went smoothly and successfully. With the help of Italian Greyhound Place, this precious animal has found a new home and we have found more love than imagined.   Benjamin


Hi , We are home. Phoebe is wonderful . We will take are time and get to know each other. Nicky was dancing and rolling in front of Phoebe. They will be great friends .Nicky's eyes lit up when she saw Phoebe . You could just hear her saying . One of my kind . Thank you so much for thinking of me.   Kindest Regards, Joyce


Thank you for helping place them. They are so adorable, gentle, attentive, and making themselves at home.  Charly (our chihuahua), doesn't mind them one bit. They are a great fit for us.  What an incredible addition to our family. My husband is in love with them. In fact, he's walking them in Central Park as we speak.
 Thank you for the wonderful work you do!   Shawn


Dear Friend, I can't believe how lucky we are to have found Sophia. She is so incredible and has the sweetest personality. We are so grateful for all you do at Italian Greyhound Place. Many thanks!   Paula


Hi, Bruno is such an awesome dog. He has settled right in and my children love him. My senior IG, Chip, is bouncing around trying to act like a puppy. It's such a cool scene in my house now. Thank you so much for setting up this adoption. Bruno is exactly what I was looking for. Bruno will be much loved here.   Thanks again, Maria


Hi , Just wanted to let you know Barkley is doing fantastic. He's been playing up a storm. Eating like a champ, doing his busines on walks, and sleeping with the girls. He's a great addition to our family. Thanks for everything.   Patty